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Two Cooks that broke away from the coop in Scarborough!

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The ‘Best place to go for all your chicken and craft beer desires’ some have said. Offering exciting fresh chicken, with the appearance of ‘The Horny Cow’ in Pickering serving the highest quality rare breed cows in the area! Without forgetting to wash everything down with some of the best local craft beers and finding those from further afield.

At The Cockpit, we want to showcase the very best local suppliers and produce that Yorkshire has to offer, instead of swimming overseas, we want to shout about everyone we use. That is why before we even opened, we vetted our suppliers and producers to ensure they have the same company values and care about their products as much as we do! 

Want to learn more about our producers? Then click on their links! We are sure you’ll fall in love with them just as quick as we did. 

Our Story

At The Cockpit we take pride in incorporating local family owned businesses that produce high quality goods.  Find out more about our amazing suppliers below. If you are a local business looking to partner with us, send us an email at info@thecockpit.uk

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Our Suppliers

Horned Cow in farmland

The Horny Cow

From Richard and Lucy Lunn at their farm at Wilton, near Pickering, on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors.

We believe their produce is a collection from some of the finest butchers in the UK.

Their beef and lamb breeds are native to Great Britain.  They are members of 'The Rare Breed Survival Trust' and are 'Red Tractor Farm Assured'.

They believe their traditionally bread animals should be reared slowly and spend as much of their lives grazing outside as possible.


This is the story of Leonardo and Daniele, childhood friends from southern Italy who together had a dream to make a business together. Daniele, originally from Sicily, moved as a child to Teano, a small town in the Caserta area, near Naples, where he met Leonardo. Together they began a long-lasting friendship, sharing passions and dreams.

Before they chose to turn their talents to ice-cream making, Daniele was a mechanical engineer and Leonardo a professional photographer and graphic designer, so it was an unlikely change of profession for both.

“There is a long tradition of making wonderful gelato in our town, which we have been a part of, and we always dreamed of finding a way to share our passion"

"Our recipes faithfully reproduce the ancient traditions of master ice-cream makers.
Our ingredients are the result of a careful and rigorous selection of the best of Italy such as: hazelnuts and chocolate from Piedmont, pistachios from Bronte in Sicily, Ciaculli lemons from Sicily, Amarelli liquorice from Calabria, coffee from Naples and the best selection of fresh milk directly from the farms of North Yorkshire. After perfecting our recipes, we had to decide where to create our business and for us Scarborough was the obvious choice."

"We love Scarborough, the beauty of the bay"

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Kinder Bueno Waffle
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